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It just keeps blooming! I think that Christmas Cactus must like the Arizona weather. This plant was giving to us by Pat's mother several years ago, but it never bloomed in Coos Bay.

Memphis shades said they don't make installation brackets for a GZ250, and the Motorcycle Super Store told me a Memphis Slim wouldn't work on this bike. Well, it's on, and very solid. A little fine tuning tomorrow, and the installation will be complete. I bought this shield for the 650 Savage, but the young man that now owns it doesn't think windshilds are cool, so I was able to keep it as part of the deal. Sort of nice to have the Little Suzy Blue back in the fold.

Redd working on another Diamond Willow stick. A LOT of work goes into making one of these.

Imperial Date Gardens in Bard, California. The ride with new VROC friends John (Steamboat) and Bob from Bellingham.

We left Lynda Vista around 10 AM, rode through Old Town, and now out in lettuse fields and Date Groves.

This Rattlesnake greats you as you come in the door to the gift and snack shop.

A 4 section island of Sugar free candies. NOT carb free. Date and some of the stuffings are loaded with natural sugar, not real good for diabetics. Especially diabetics on a diet:-)

John and Bob are checking out some of the things tourists seem to want.

Ride 'em Cowgirl!

Pecan filled dates, covered with chocolate!!

These ladies make Date Shakes, serve up icecream, and make sandwiches at the Imperial Gardens.

Cactus fruit. Not quite ready to harvest, but it makes good jelly when ready.

Laguna Dam on the mighty Colorado River. There are 2 States in this picture.

Parking lot at the US Army Proving ground outside museum.

A Looooong tank.

Bob from Bellingham, and John (Steamboat) in front of the Old War Horse, a Sherman Tank that saw a lot of action during WW2.

IF I was going to cheat on my Nutrisystem diet, this may be what it would take!

Cherpumple Pie

Bottom: pumpkin pie inside a spice cake, middle: apple pie inside a yellow cake, top: cherry pie inside a white cake, all surrounded by cream cheese frosting.

Jim Siegelaar and Cat Benson. They are still single in this picture. But not for long! I'll post just a few pictures on this blog, and if you want to see more check this link:

They had a little time, so didn't use the "Drive up Window" option.

Actually, these are Wedding Bells. I kept looking for the Chihuahua and the Taco's!

Mr. and Mrs. James Sigelaar! The knot has been tied! It was a very nice ceremony. We weren't allowed to take pictures inside the chapel.

The after wedding dinner spot. The food was great, and the atmosphere and service was outstanding.

The morning after. Don and Tony in the Ellis Island Casino. We had some $10 free play coupons from the motel, Pat and I left with $9.50 ahead!

Didsbury Dave had a ham steak that must have weighed a pound! The waiter said something that it came from a big cow..Hmmmm, we sort of thought that ham came from a pig! In any case, Dave said it was excellent.

After a detour to avoid a large traffic jam due to a wreck on I-40, we arrived back in Yuma a little after 4 PM. When we left Las Vegas, it was cold and drizzling rain. Was 77 degrees and beautiful sunshine here in Yuma when we got home. Neighbor Redd brought over a partial skinned Diamond Willow, and one that he's been working of for Pat.

Very interesting process to make a nice walking stick from a rough piece of wood. Redd has plans to make this one really special.

Redd and Jeremy woofing down Buffalo burgers, crammed full of grilled onions and cheese, on a greasy bun that just came off the grill. And some curly fries too. I had a cup of black coffee.:-(
We're at Stone Cabin here, miles from NOWHERE!

Bill Baxter and Barbara's now puppy. This one replaces "buddy" of the same breed. He had been Bill best pal for many years.

We met up in Quartzsite, I knew there were staying here, so brought a bag of fresh Tangelos for them. The short visit and playing with this soft little dog was a real treat!

The Huge RV show starts next week in Quartzsite. In addition to hundreds of vendors, selling everything imaginable, the RV show brings in thousands of people. It's followed right up with the Gem and Mineral show, where people come from all over the world to stock up on things used for making jewelery or just collectors. We bought a few gem stones for inlay on carvings.

Don't know if these are flowers or something to eat. A large colorful field just North of Yuma on Hwy 95.

Field ready to plant. This is just across the road from that flower field.

Redd's son, Jamie. We stopped here on the outskirts of San Luis to take off jackets. It's getting hot!

The temperature across the street from where we stopped to remove our jackets.

We stopped at a Barney's gas station to take a break and drink a pop. This was the temp when we stopped. This is the gage on the Burgman, it's very accurate.

The Historic city of Gadsmen, AZ. about 3 miles to the Mexican Border. We stopped to visit "Charlie", the local burro.

Redd making friends with Chalie.

Part of this is from the original town, most has been added. Lots of real antiques.

Probably have to click on these to see the detail. This is an old store.

Another view.

In case anyone was wondering, this was not where the OK Corral is located.

Charlie was very friendly.

I think this was Rose's Cantina.

This old adobe building was one of the original buildings from 1900. It had plaster siding added, which is now pealing off.

Getting saddled up to head back to Yuma. it was a very nice ride.

This is our new mail box for Coos Bay! I gave a Mexican man out at the Swap meet a picture of the 16 Classic. Belonged to Tom Pansarasa, then me, then Flyin' Willie. The paint job on the bike tank was done by Jack Foree. I gave him a picture that I took when I was riding with Biglefti somewhere south of Phoenix. This is what the painter came up with. I was totally pleased. I'll spray some good clear enamel paint over it before mounting it on the pole at home.

Castle Dome, in the mountain range just to the East of Hwy 95. This land mark can be seen for MILES around. It's about 50 miles North of the Border at San Luis, and you can see it from down there. We had a nice ride today, Stone Cabin to get a burger for Pat.

Randy, the Burgerman, leases this property every year. It's the only private land between Quartzsite and Yuma. The rest is BLM or US Army (until you get to the farms just North of Yuma) This bun is for a Paul Bunyon. Comes with 2 pounds of meat, loaded with lettuce, tomotoes, etc. and is topped with a huge serving of grilled onions that covers the whole thing. $15, but would easily feed 4 people. Or one big eater :-) He also has a long list of specialty burgers from $4 to $8 depending on size and what they have in them. In any case, you get your money's worth!

I think the Arizona flag is about the prettiest of them all!

All the seating is outside. Randy operates it alone, except for 2 months during the busiest season when his daughter comes down from Washington State to help him. There is a gift shop and the food.

This is the complete set up at Stone Cabin. We learned the history of the place today. Interesting.

This "old timer" has been living in a trailer out back for about a month now. I think he helps out a little around there, but isn't really an employee. Nice man. He owns an old Suzuki 1400 Cavalcade. If you click on the picture, you can see Pat sitting in front of the Coast Guard flag, woofing down her EXCELLENT cheeseburger. I had a cup of decaf coffee and a Nutrisystem bar.

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