Wednesday, January 20, 2010

In the Mardi Gras Parade, Lynda Vista RV. January 31, 2010. Sherm on "Suzi Blue"

Pat took some pictures, with I'd thought about a video. There were 2 gold carts, one motorcycle, one scooter, and about 20 some decorated bikes..and then the walkers! Some folks went all out, some very nice costumes!

A few of the bicycles. They spent yesterday afternoon decorating. We'll be gathering in the Park Ramada soon for a wonderful Potluck! I may have to take a few shots down there:-)

If you click on the picture, you see this birds nest better. Found it while picking the last of the Tangelos today.

This tree produced around 200 pounds of perfect fruit this year. It was really loaded, we started using it around the last of November, and since this is January 30, we had Tangelos for 2 full months.

We have 4 nice Aloe Vera plants. This one will be blooming soon.

Preparing for the Mardi Gras parade tomorrow.

Bicycles, Golf carts, and one motorcycle were decorated.

The weather has been perfect. There will be a potluck tomorrow after the big parade.

The party store had a good day selling all this stuff.

Some people get real serious. Even to the point of removing the wheels so they can do a better job of weaving the paper through the spokes.

Even Suzi Blue got a little treatment, will finish it up tomorrow.

Debbie Brown. One of our favorite singers at the "Bard Sing" on Friday nights.

Bonnie Adams. She and her Husband Jim do an excellent job with the music. They, with Jim's brother and sister play at some of the local Jams.

A first timer, he and his wife were from Kansas City, MO. He sang, played the guitar and harmonica.

Sometimes 12 to 15, sometimes over 20. You never know what you'll get, but it's always good.
This is our 2nd year of going to the Bard, California Community Building on Friday nights. It's about 7 miles from our house in Yuma

Almost a full moon over the Lynda Vista. Hand held from in front of our house. 28 January 10. A clear 61 degrees at 8 PM.

Rear entry to Lute's Casino. It's not really a casino, used t
o be a theater, illegal gambling, domino and card playing, back in the old days. This will be where we have the Saturday night meal during the Yuma VROC rally.

Inside Lutes. I'm going to post a bunch of inside pics, mostly for the vroc folks that will be here on March 27.

I probably took about a quarter of the walls, there are lots of things to see.

Picture behind where the domino and card tables used to be.

Not an extensive menu, but reasonably priced. Hamburgers, sandwiches, pop and beer, etc.

They do have a couple of regulation sized pool tables in the place.

Redd used to work here as a maintenance man, as well as other jobs around town, and his own craft business. He said he had to repair this barber pole once, when it quit turning.

Boulevard of Broken Dreams.

One BIG fishing reel!

Looks like this fish was having a good dinner when he got snagged by the guy with the large reel.

From the room upstairs, this guy had a surprise!

Some really old and great pictures.

Better picture of the fish.

Jeremy and Redd. I just had a diet Pepsi.

The Bar. It was pretty quiet, around 4:30 PM.

Cute waitresses, and you can buy these shirts.

They have outside dining in the courtyard too.

Apache Hotel. Redd married the lady that owes this place, and his son Jeremy still lives there.
28 rooms for the both of them. Lots of history, this was built in 1919, and the front part in 1950.
The rooms on top were a bordello and card room that the Railroad engineers used to enjoy. They stayed here during layovers in Yuma, the tracks are right behind the Hotel. Redd is going to give me a tour of the inside, and I'll be posting pictures then.

Redd's Honda. :-)

Redd, Bull, and Jeremy. Jeremy is very involved in Boxing and a couple kinds of Martial Arts. 17 years old and tough as nails!

We've been eating Tangelos and making juice every day since around the 1st of December. They are getting over ripe now. Picked these today, and also 4 full plastic bags full. Still more on the tree, it had a terrific crop this year.

January 26, 2010. This is our neighbor Jerry. He hosts the "Jam" in our park, and attends several others around the area. You can go to one or two a day in Yuma County if you want to. Lots of talent. It's nice to be out puttering in my little shop and listen to Jerry Practice.

Damp morning in Mexico. I stopped in for some fresh made tortillas and huevos, just to get out of the rain! :-)

Mexican rain boots.

For a dollar, these guys would sell you plastic bags for your shoes, and even put them on for you. I passed on them.

This is the walkway into the border crossing back to the US. Very unusual not to see a long line here. Also very unusual to see water like this! You can tell how deep it is from the milk crates.

Old Town Yuma. A shame they are tearing down this old landmark. This building has been used for many businesses over the years, back to the late 1800's. The original adobe walls are still standing, but have been covered with plaster and bricks over the years. The owner and the city decided it was too far gone to renovate it, so down it comes.

Looks like there was a basement in at least some of the building rooms. It was 2 stories, and covered a long half a block.

Bill and Barbarb visited us today. They are spending the winter in Quartzsite. This mirror was the one used to photograph prisoners "checking in" to the Yuma Territorial Prison. It was in use for the last 18 years before it closed up. Designed to get the frontal shot and a profile with one exposure.

Bill closes a heavy steal door on Barb! I think she was getting a little nervous when Bill was having trouble getting it open again:-)

A scale model of the prison while it was in use. The boat is on the Colorado River.

The weekly picture of the favorite cactus. Tangelos in their basket too. The tree is still loaded, and they are just past their prime. We've been giving them away to anyone that wants them.

I was out riding today and pulled in behind this truck. Just had to get a picture. A few minutes after this, a pickup with a small garden trailer loaded with pieces of white plaster or concrete, hit a bump, a large piece flew out and hit the scooter on the left front of the fairing. It's first paint damage in 2 years of riding it almost every day down here. Not real bad, but sort of disappointing. If I hadn't slowed down to take this picture, it wouldn't have happened :-)