Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy Easter! We were surprised this morning to find this nice little Easter Basket on our porch! The park is getting very deserted by now, April 4th, 2010. We have no idea who the Bunny is that left it...but a nice surprise.

Redd in Algodones, Mexico. Last trip over the border until Fall. We got there early, and stopped here in a little sidewalk cafe for breakfast. I forgot to take pictures of the food, but it was wonderful!

Across the street from the cafe. One of several hundred outside shops.

The kitchen. They had a good menu, and the food was very reasonable.

One of the young ladies that work there, eating her own food. Our breakfasts were much larger:-)

A street Glass Blower. He made a little green frog with a "sunbrella". Redd bought it to bring home for Pat.

Neighbor Redd, and the "Wonder Dog Bull". Bull is a 3 year old brindle, apple head Chihuahua that belongs to Redd's son. He's really a sweet heart, but Julie doesn't like him :-)

We were on the 210 Freeway around Los Angeles last Sunday. I was on a motorcycle, Pat driving. She ran over something, she didn't even see what it was. A few minutes later, going 70 plus, in the left lane, the tire went down. Heavy traffic..she managed to get over to the right shoulder safely, just enough room for a car between the fog line and the guard rail. I found her eventually. Delayed up some, but we made it home safe.

Mario, our park gardener and maintenance man, and neighbor Redd. Helping me detail the new ride! Need to make it pretty before the Lettuce Ride this weekend!

Redd is working with a toothbrush, removing rust from nooks and crannies. The bike is coming along real well. This is costing me lunch at a Mexican street food stand! And Pat is making a sugar free strawberry pie!

Algodones, Mexico. Lots of new sidewalks, and trash cans! They are ruining the character of these nice little towns! Too Americanized!

A town square. Even though there have been hundreds of snowbirds already flying home, there's still enough to come down here to buy medicine, eyeglasses and have their teeth and other medical work done.

This was the reason for the trip. "Cranky" (Bill Snodrass) from San Jose is on his way down for the VROC ride this weekend. Donna, his wife requested he bring home a here it is!

He seems to like sitting on one of Redd's cactus plants.

The bike is about 90% done. That's about all it will get until next Fall when we come back to Yuma.

"Redd" Nimmo, he planted this huge Aloe Vera plant and gave it to us. Sort of unusual I've heard to have such a large flower on them. This is a bit of our back yard in Yuma.

Pat and I by the same Cactus. It's a beauty!

I took this to point out it's NOT a place to go in Algodones, Mexico. Unless you are very young and very brave, and have no moral standards, it a good place to stay away from!

Bill Baxter and Barbara visited us today, they have been spending the winter up in Quartzsite. We had a nice visit, and went on a tour of the area around Yuma. They had their first Date Shakes today! And, we ate in a nice old rail road car.

These people are harvesting Cilantro. It's a slow, back acking process. They pick it, tie up the bunches and place them in boxes ready to deliver directly to stores and distribution centers.

Another shot of the Cilantro field in harvest.