Sunday, December 27, 2009

This is my view every morning as I drink coffee and wait for the sun to come up. In a few weeks, the sun will be getting up before me. That will be good.

January 31, 2009. A Blue Moon over Yuma.

January 1st, 2010. New Year, New Decade....looks like this would be a bad place to park your motorhome for very long! :-). One of my stops on my New Year's Day ride.

An antique shop for Pat. And, a groomer I hadn't seen before. I'm on some back roads, not far from the house. We found we don't like the "Dog and Cat House", so may try this place next time.

They were harvesting this field when we got here on November 1st. It will be about ready to harvest again in time for The Lettuce Ride. I like the mountains in the background. They are in Mexico.

This is the sign for our little park. It was a nice day. Going for a longer ride tomorrow. Maybe have some better pictures for January 2nd.

Almost a "Blue Moon" over the Lynda Vista in Yuma. Note Fred the Flamingo, a gift from DD and Romy. He's our weathervane. :-) The trailer with the lantern is my neighbor Redd's.

On one of my favorite rides. 12/27/09. Took the Savage out today, Pat's first time to ride on it. I have a good story about this little store, but won't bother sharing it here, sort of long. It's a beautiful day!

Drive thru Tacos, Groceries, and Liquer store. Out in the agricultural fields close to the Mexican border.

Followed a dirt road to this canal. If you click on the picture, you can see a low fence close to the canal on the other side. That's the Mexican border. Running along the fence, but out of sight, is the Colorado River. Probably about a hundred yards or so from where we are. This pretty Austrailian Sheppard came up to visit us when we stopped. Glad he was friendly :-) Where we are here, the border runs North and South. Where we live in West Yuma, we're actually South of the Border where it runs in California. It jogs down here along the river.

Lots of harvesting going on today along our route. This is a Sunday, and some of the machinery is shut down. Some still working, depends on who owns the property I guess. This machine, with people on the folded up stands, picks and processes lettuce, it goes from this machine down a conveyor belt into boxes and right one to trucks to haul it to markets.

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