Sunday, February 14, 2010

Over 40 miles SE of Yuma. This is my first time on the DR650 that came home with me today. It's a little tall, but can still get my feet down. At least it matches my jacket :-)

I rode home on some dirt roads. You can't tell in the picture, but this is on top of a pretty steep hill I went up to get here. It wallows in loose sand, and on hard gravel, it's very easy to break the rear wheel loose. it's going to be fun! Worked for 2 hours when we got home, detailing. I'll go for a ride and have some better pictures on Sunday.
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Lanny stopped by for a visit today. We went to lunch at the Garden Cafe. Salubrious feasts, graciously served amid lemon scented trees, flowers, and singing birds. It was a fine place to eat.

My salad, lettuce and other greens laced with deli turkey meat, then covered and laced more with grapes, mandarin oranges and lots of fresh stawberries. Dressing was a honey-vinegarette. Served with a heavy brown coconut bread.

Lanny had Tortilla soup with a chicken sandwich.

In the shade, on our porch..Spring has come to Yuma.

Feb 16, 2010. A bit of "Americana".. old bar on Hwy 80 near Buckeye, AZ.

Goats, sheep, lots of chickens, and other stuff in this yard.

A cutie.

Chicken pens greet you at the front door to this house.

Looks like something Redd would set up.

An old Grocery store in Buckeye.

I think the New Zealand guys have been bye here. The sheep were saying Baaaaa, Davey! Baaaa, Alan! Baaaaa Howard! Don't know where they learned that!

Dairy Farm.

Christmas Tree on the Old Highway.

Old Bridge on Highway 80.

Maintenance stopped on this bridge years ago.

Crossing the Gila River. It's a lot larger here than it is in Yuma, where it joins the Colorado! Lots of irrigation canals come out of it.

Horses and goats.

Passed several Olive orchards. I didn't know Arizona grew olives, thought they were all in Calfornia.

A shrimp farm? Yep, they have ponds back there that grow beautiful shrimp. The season is over now, won't have any for sale until early September. I imagine it looks like a little feed lot back there, little shrimp crawling around eating grain, getting ready for the harvest.

The sales office for the Shrimp. They were open, but had nothing to sell.

Famous place in Gila Bend. This place has been here a LONG time.

They advertise Refridgeration and Gas heat. A working hotel from probably the 30's or 40's.

Busy Gift shop in Gila Bend.

This truck was broken down right in the middle of town. Hauling a blade for one of the small wind generators. That baby is HUGE!

This shots for Karen. Her Grand Niece has a road named after her, here in Arizona.

Dateland, Arizona.

This place is busy on Saturday nights. Ranchers, Farmers, Cowboys, Illegal Aliens, and retired Sailors flock to this place. Only place they can find a Date for miles around.

The Ocotillo are very green right now. Some are getting the nice red flowers on the tips. Sign of lots of rain this winter.

Another decorated tree in the median, on I-8.

Placed a rock in the road to elevate the camera some, and took this timed shot. Of a sun worshiper. It was a fine morning! Got back to Yuma and the little homestead around 1 PM.

While getting gas on the way out of Yuma this morning, this truck pulled in. 535 cu. in. engine with a big roots blower! Notice the "Crossing" sign across the street. That's a museum and also the place for the free hot breakfast for those staying at the Best Western during the Yuma ride next month. This truck was on the way to Pomona, CA for part of the Winter National Drags.

This was in Avondale, AZ. Didn't eat, just stopped for a picture.

Many acres of hay fields between Gila Bend and Buckeye. Several different kinds, but all thick and very bright green.

Back Patio of the house I'm staying in, courtesy of Tony D.

Before they all rolled in. I think there was 12 or more bikes there by the time everyone arrived.

Chuy's was good. Reasonably priced, and good food. I had a Mesquite grilled fish salad.

I won't name all the names this time. Don't want to make any mistakes.

We filled up several tables.

John and Denise, Jim and Gretchen. I know I got this right :-)

Mel and Jim.

It was nice seeing Mike again, been a long time. Tony D. almost didn't make it, he's been battling a headache all day.

Feb 14, 2010. Redd is still working on Pat's walking stick. He came over this morning to show us the progress.

Sharon and Darwin Griegg, Square Dancing friends from Coos Bay, surprised us this morning with a visit. They have been in Yuma for a SD Festival. We had a nice visit.

Today is Didsbury Dave's Birthday! This is his Cake. Dave ate 3 pieces before he decided he liked it :-) Dave and Romy came down from Calgary, AB, Canada, and spent the weekend up in Lake Havasu with John (Slick) and Denise. They came down to Yuma for a short visit.

Pat, Denise, John and Dave, in our living room.

Romy, wife of the "Birthday Boy"

Waiting for the NASCAR race to get started again.

Slick is looking pretty serious. Denise is a real race fan, John wonders why they keep turning left all the time.

Dave's pretty new Wing.

J0hn rides a Kawasaki Nomad. And, I think he still has a Mean Streak too.

Redd's place is like a museum, inside and out. He enjoyed showing "the boys" around his place.

The riders are headed to have some Mexican food before heading back to Phoenix.

In just a couple of days, this couple will be waking up early in the snow to have to go back to Canada. Happy Birthday again, Dave, and Happy Valentine's Day, Romy. Thanks for coming by.

This sort of says a lot...........................

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